🗺️ | Roadmap

Phase 1: Proof of concept and MVP design.

During Phase 1 the concept of building the first zkSync Era-native ecosystem was born. We've closely monitored the zkSync development and we decided to build here because we comprehended its potential.
Once the decision was taken, our devs started building our DEX and Launchpad from scratch, trying to grasp the most important features from different already-existent DEXes such as Camelot, which is the biggest and most important Arbitrum dex. But that's not it, our dual-token model comes from the GMX’s successful escrowed-model, aimed at ensuring the long-term success of the protocol, while allowing supporters to benefit from real yields through protocol fees. Our launchpad will be capable of launching every kind of projects, from DeFi projects to DAOs, and we are planning to implement a lot of new and cool features which will benefit the investors more than the developers.

Phase 2 : Product development and mainstream adoption

Phase 2 will be the most active one. Both our Launchpad and DEX will officially go live. Through a strong marketing campaign our DEX will start onboarding the first 5-10k users within the first couple of weeks and our TVL will grow accordingly. Thanks to our dual-token model , eZKalibur protocol will be able to offer high but sustainable yields.
The official launch of $SWORD will happen later in April, a date has not been set yet.

Phase 3 : Expansion

Once we have established as the main zkSync ecosystem our resources will be invested towards expanding our partnerships and extending our services on other L2s, de facto making us a multichain ecosystem.
Roadmap currently a work in progress. Keep in mind that it will updated on a daily/weekly basis. Every major Roadmap addition will be communicated on our Social media pages.