💫 | Types of Launches

Our launchpad will initially be capable of hosting two types of sales:

Fair Launch

The fair launch model provides a transparent and equal opportunity for users to obtain tokens without having to worry about typical price fluctuations associated with the token listing. The aim of this model is to ensure that all participants have an equal chance to purchase tokens before they become available on the open market. Regardless of the timing or amount of their investment, all participants receive an amount of tokens worth the same value as their contribution The token price is determined by this formula: Price = Total raised / Token Sale supply

FCFS/Whitelist Sale

In this kind of sale, projects are required to set a fixed hard cap and a fixed token price.
Based on the launching project, the sale can or can not be open to anyone and possibly require a whitelisting process.
Due to the fixed hard cap and token price, the number of participants is also fixed based on the maximum allocation per wallet.