🔒 | xSWORD token

xSWORD represents a non-transferable escrowed token, corresponding to staked $SWORD. It will be always possible to redeem SWORD by staking xSWORD up to a 1:1 ratio.
Our escrowed token — xSWORD, plays a significant role in creating a sustainable tokenomics strategy.
Farming rewards will be distributed in xSWORD/SWORD in an 80%/20% ratio. In other words, most of our emissions will require a vesting period to become liquid, ensuring that LPs are aligned with the long-term objectives of the protocol thus containing any short-term selling pressure.
Illiquid doesn’t mean unprofitable: xSWORD allows its holders to earn dividends directly from the protocol's earnings.

Redeem SWORD

Users have the chance to redeem SWORD by staking xSWORD.
You must consider the following ratio and output rates when redeeming your xSWORD tokens:
  • Minimum duration - 15 days (50% SWORD as output - ratio 0.5:1)
  • Maximum duration - 3 months (100% SWORD as output - ratio 1:1)

xSWORD Utility


Dividends account for 20% of total protocol earnings. They will be distributed to users which allocate xSWORD in the dividend feature.
For more detailed information about it, go to Dividends

Launchpad Allocation

xSWORD holders stand to benefit in another way on our Launchpad, where you will have the opportunity to increase your allocation by staking your xSWORD tokens. This staking mechanism will allow you to increase your chances of obtaining an allocation in the initial projects launched. We will announce the lock period for staking your tokens to earn a larger Allocation when we release details on the first projects that will be hosted on our Launchpad.